Just imagine you are on the deck of our boat, the Bangsring Breeze II, just a small group of divers and snorkelers, skipping across the waters of North East Java heading towards Menjangan Island, with the volcanoes of East Java like sentinels in the distance.

As you get closer, the colour of the water changes from deep blue, to crystal clear turquoise. As our boat slows its speed, you start to see the colours of the coral, you can see the myriad of different fish.

Menjangan Island, part of the Menjangan National Marine Park, is a short 15 minute cruise away (depending on the sea conditions), and offers some great, relaxing diving and is testament to the variety of diving sites our area has to offer. Conditions at Menjangan Island tend to be very gentle with visibility getting up to 40 meters at certain times of the year.

The peaceful sceneries on land, but in particular the reef scenery, coupled with the marine life is what people attracts to Menjangan Island. The dramatic backdrop of the underwater walls and abundance of fish life makes Menjangan a photographers heaven to get that perfect shot.

Menjangan Island holds more than a dozen recognised sites, ranging from sheer drop offs up to 60+ meters in depth, small caves, sandy slopes and a beautiful blue green lagoon. With being located so close to the straits between Bali & Java, deep water pelagic are a regular occurrence. During the rainy season is the best time to have a chance to see manta rays and baby (±7mtr) whalesharks, but these like everything, cannot be guaranteed. However, bigger fish are the norm at Menjangan, turtle, napoleon, grouper, big barracuda and shark are all regular sightings. But don't be surprised if you're shown the little things as well.

Eel Garden

Eel Garden is located at the most western point of Menjangan Island. In order to reach it, we usually start on the North wall and drift along the west coast to end up in the channel between the mainland of Bali and the island of Menjangan. The current can be unpredictable and this is the reason why we bring only experienced divers to this dive sites. Due to this current this site has the best diversity of fish and coral on the island. Good to snorkel as well, this dive site is situated next to the most beautiful virgin beach of the island.

Anchor Wreck (Kapal Budak)

Most dive sites on Menjangan island boast rich, colourful walls, clear waters and an abundance of reef life. The Anchor Wreck is no different. The wreck is a small wooden boat and one of the oldest in Bali, built in the late 1800's and sunk in the World War II. It derives its name from the large, encrusted anchor which still lies about 6 to 8 meters from the surface. You can still find some of the ship's cargo here, such as sheets of copper and brown ceramic bottles. Some of the wreckage, covered in gorgonians, protrudes from the sand. You will find large schools of fish here, reef sharks, moray eels, and some turtles.

Sandy slopes

Sandy slopes is easy to notice from the boat. At an average depth of 4 meters you have a giant sandy playground. Ideal to encounter numerous flounders and eel gardens. The arguably is one of the best dive sites to learn scuba diving in confined open water. Usually without current and amazing visibility, this dive site give us the best pool like conditions to make all the new divers fall in love with scuba diving. Meters away from the sandy area, a slope descends to about 30 meters, which allow us to explore beautiful corals in the shallow area.

Coral Garden

A wonderful underwater garden with numerous varieties of hard and soft corals. Divers of all levels will be amazed with the diversity of corals and the health of this reef that lays at a depth of just 5 meters. We have noticed a lot of cleaning fish in this area, which makes it definitely one of our favourite sites to observe different fish behaviours.

Temple Point / Bat Cave

Ignoring the underwater marine life, these 2 dives sites have the best landscapes on all of Menjangan island. Temple Point starts at the feet of a huge Ganesh statue on top a cliff, while Bat Cave is near the entrance of a few shallow caves filled with hundreds of resting bats. Due to the current at theses sites, both dive sites can normally be covered during one dive, a beautiful drift dive. Some people claimed to have seen whale sharks around..


The POS II site is the most popular dive site on Menjangan Island as it is the closest to the mainland of Bali. It features some of the most dramatic walls, as well as your best chance to see a pigmy seahorse on some of the gigantic gorgonian sea fans.