Mountain Biking

The Eastern part of Java is a mountain bike paradise awash with fantastic trails and brilliant downhill runs. Mountain biking with Bangsring Breeze is the perfect way to escape the busy tourist packed Bali and experience the breathtaking scenary and rural life of East Java that few tourists would get to enjoy.

Having spend hours of riding the unmapped trail systems of the Kawah Ijen enabled us to put together fantastic trails over a huge variety of terrain and scenery.

We accept riders of all abilities in good physical conditions and together with you we choose the trip accordingly.

Transportation to and from the riding areas is provided by Bangsring Breeze. Our small group departures of no more than 4 people ensures a personalised, genuine experience and a great day of mountain biking.

You will enjoy maximum time in the beautiful nature of East Java and let us worry about the rest...

For mountain biking tours, the Kawah Ijen is an ideal base, surrounded by mountains, coffee plantations and national parks, all crisscrossed with off-road adventure and trails. Each of our mountain biking tours have been specially selected to cater for all levels, whether you are an advanced rider or just a beginner.

We offer full suspension mountain bikes, all safety gear and an unmatched knowledge of trails on the slopes and in the caldera of the Kawah Ijen. The rides are designed with your riding abilities in mind and your guide's main objective is to provide a memorable and challenging riding program for you.

We believe that the pursuit of a perfect trail is never ending and we are always improving and extending our knowledge.