They all say, South East Asia has no consistent wind. That the wind is too light for real windsurfing. Let me share a little secret with you.. There is wind, lots of it. We are blessed with near constant wind of up to 25 knots from May all the way up into November.

Each year around May, the South Easterly trade winds reach Indonesia. This marks the end of the raining season and the start of the dry season, or as we like to name it, the Windy Season.

Where in Bali we have come to accept these trade winds will hardly ever blow over 15 knots, in East Java and in particular at Bangsring Breeze, it's a whole different story.

These same South Easterly trade winds get funnelled through the narrow strait between the islands of Bali and Java. Add the mountainous terrain on both sides of this strait and the temperature differences between the land and ocean surface temperatures and you will have the perfect recipes for strong, constant wind.

You might say that Bangsring is the Tarifa of Southeast Asia. Where Tarifa has the Levante, Bangsring Breeze has its Breeze, hence we have named our resort Bangsring Breeze.

As a cherry on the pie, right there where the trade winds are the strongest and most constant, lays a small uninhabited atol enshrined with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, named Pulau Tabuhan.

No, you won't find waves here, for that we can take you on our catamaran, powered by two 300 HP engines, south towards the hidden kitesurfing and windsurfing gems of G-Land.. But that's a whole different story.

Pulau Tabuhan is described as a picture perfect flat water spot for those who love freeriding and throwing their latest tricks in super smooth water.

Beautiful untouched scenery, combinded with steady trade winds of up to 25 knots between May and November, will make this the newest kite -and windsurf destination in Southeast Asia.